Rachel Wallace

Rachel Wallace is the Director of Host Home and Quality Management. Rachel started in career in the I/DD field in 2005 as a DSP. As a military spouse, Rachel has had the opportunity to explore [...]

Ken Beach

Ken Beach is an experienced and qualified Investment Management Consultant, who has extensive knowledge in the areas of planning, risk management, investments, tax planning, retirement planning [...]

Karen Scannell

Karen Scannell is the Director of Community Services at Cheyenne Village overseeing the Supported Living Services, Supported Community Connections, Group Respite, and Family Caregiver programs. [...]

Mark Fiore

Mark is an enthusiastic leader with over 10 years of human resource experience in the non-profit sector. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amerst with a BS in Sports [...]

Travis Fanning

Travis is a Vice President and Trust Officer for ANB Bank. He has 7+ years of Special Needs Trust experience. He graduated from Texas A&M University Galveston and Roger Williams University [...]

James Cara

James is returning the the Cheyenne Village Board of Directors after previously serving 2 terms. He has also been serving on the Cheyenne Village Fund Development Committee since 2012. He is the [...]

Jenna Koch

Jenna started out her career over 16 years ago working at a group home in Minnesota. She continued in the field after moving to Colorado Springs in 2011. She has experience working in various [...]

Bob Walla

Bob Walla has recently retired from Ent Credit Union and his 45-year career has been with the Human Resources profession.  Bob has been a volunteer of the Cheyenne Village Personnel Committee [...]

Ann Reeverts

UCCS College of Business / Retired Ann joined the Cheyenne Village Board of Directors because she feels like the mission of Cheyenne Village is making an essential contribution to an important [...]

Willis Jackson

Individual Receiving Services Willis is an individual served by Cheyenne Village. He enjoys riding his bike all over town, and his knowledge of bikes helped him get a job at Mobility Bikes where [...]

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