Ken BeachCascade Investment Group

    Ken Beach is an experienced and qualified Investment Management Consultant, who has extensive knowledge in the areas of planning, risk management, investments, tax planning, retirement planning and portfolio management. Ken works with a wide range of clients including corporations, foundations, endowments, employee benefit plans and high net worth individuals. Ken, in collaboration with Craig Ralston, established the Cascade Investment Group, Inc. Colorado Springs office in 1996.

    Active in his community, Ken is the past President of the Pikes Peak Library District Board of Trustees, past President of Pikes Peak Library District Foundation, member and past President of the Colorado Springs Executives Association, and Co-founder of the SIA Foundation (a nonprofit organization that focuses on children with learning disabilities).

    Ken a 33-year resident of Colorado Springs, Colorado where he lives with his family. In his leisure time, Ken enjoys golf, upland bird hunting, fishing, music, cycling and skiing. Ken is a graduate of Colorado State University with a degree in Economics. Ken was previously associated with Smith Barney for 16 years, where he was a Vice President, Assistant Manager and then Branch Manager.

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