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Meet Kirk



Willis’ Story

Willis came to Cheyenne Village in 2015. Before that, Willis was homeless and ultimately rescued from the El Paso County Jail.  After coming to Cheyenne Village, he is finally receiving the help he needs with housing, healthcare and medication assistance, and is working to build a new life for himself.

Willis has also been asked to join the Cheyenne Village Board of Directors as a representative for the individuals served by Cheyenne Village. This is his first time serving on a Board, and he said that he thinks it will be an interesting opportunity and that he’s looking forward to it.

Margaret’s Story

Beth McNally – Another Success Story

“Cheyenne Village is a lifeline for families with children who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. My daughter, Mary Beth, has been with Cheyenne Village for 35 years. When she first got to Cheyenne Village, she needed round-the-clock service from the Cheyenne Village staff in a group home setting. She now lives in her own apartment”

— Mary Ellen McNally,
Mary Beth’s Mother and a Cheyenne Village Honorary Board Member

Jamie Oliver - You need to work at it.

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