Meet Our Heroes


Cynthia Hampton, Host Home Coordinator

I started working at Cheyenne Village in 1998. I currently work as a Host Home Coordinator. 

A Host Home Provider is an individual or family who wants to make a difference in the life of an adult with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) while having the satisfaction of owning their own business. Host Home Providers welcome a person with I/DD into their home to become part of their family and provide support and companionship they need to thrive.

What I like best about my job is interacting with the Host Home Providers and being able to be a part of overseeing the care and knowing that the Person Served is actually being a part of a loving home!

Teila Tankersley, Records Secretary / Appointment Scheduler

“I started working at Cheyenne Village (CV) in 2003 and the reason that I’ve stayed this long is because it is an organization that values its employees. More importantly I see the difference CV is making in the lives of the individuals they serve.

I’m a part of the Employee First Council at CV and we plan a variety of fun events throughout the year for the employees. That is in addition to the celebrations and cool things that CV organizes for those they serve. CV is a fun place to work and the clients that we serve are some of the most interesting, unpretentious, creative people you could ever meet.

I’m proud to work for an organization that meets the clients right where they are and doesn’t do the thinking for them.  Instead they view each client as an individual, whose rights, desires and dreams matter. The aim is to help each client reach his or her personal goals. Now, who wouldn’t want to work with an organization who values both their employees and the clients they serve?

Steven Stock, Director of Residential Services

I moved to Colorado Springs in 1983 without ever having been west of Chicago, and started working at Cheyenne Village six days after I arrived.  Those first few months of getting on my feet were hard, but while working second and third shifts in our group homes I was grateful to be able to share in the tuna casseroles and other meals with the people we serve.  Over the years I have become lifetime friends with these individuals.

 At the risk of showing my age, I have 37 years’ worth of memories of what Cheyenne Village has done  for me.  I met my wife, who also worked at Cheyenne Village, and together our CV paychecks helped us purchase a car and our first home. Over the years I not only worked for Cheyenne Village on three different occasions as an employee, but I was also honored to give back to Cheyenne Village by serving on the Board of Directors for six years in between stints.

 The biggest reason I appreciate Cheyenne Village is in knowing we will always put the needs of the people we serve first.  Having helped care for my uncle growing up who had severe intellectual and developmental disabilities, I have so much respect for the Direct Service Professionals at Cheyenne Village who exemplify this 100 times a day!  I will always be grateful to have been a part of such a great organization for the great majority of my adult life.

Karen Scannell, Assistant Director of Community Services

“What I like about working for Cheyenne Village is working directly with the clients and their families.  I have the privilege of getting to know the individuals we serve on a personal level and it’s so gratifying.

Chantel Kamlan, Team Leader

“I like working for Cheyenne Village because the energy I put in is returned to me tenfold from the clients.  Nearly everything I do is completed with the knowledge that it can (and usually does) directly affect the individuals we serve. 

The quality of service, the willingness to go the extra mile and think outside of the box are all reasons why I work here.”

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