Current Programs:

Cheyenne Village’s goal is to provide housing, healthcare, and staff support in a variety of models:

Apartment Living Support: Individuals living alone or with a roommate in apartment housing are supported in housekeeping, nutrition, financial management, scheduling, arranging transportation, and personal safety.

Host Families: Individuals can be placed with a host family who provides 24-hour support. Individuals have a private bedroom within the home and are included in family activities. Cheyenne Village staff coordinates services and monitors the home.

Supervised & Companion Homes: Homes are staffed 24-hours per day, 365 days a year. Each home provides a private bedroom and common living areas for four to seven individuals. Staff provides support in personal care, nutrition and meal preparation, financial management, home maintenance, transportation, health care, and benefits coordination to ensure that the health and safety needs of individuals are met.

Supported Living Services: Services are provided on an hourly basis and augment the family or primary caregiver. Services focus on community activities, safety skills, home management, and financial management.

Healthcare Coordination: Nursing staff manage healthcare needs including: 1) Acute and chronic medical conditions 2) Appointments with doctors and specialists 3) Monitoring medication administration 4) Training staff and individuals served 5) Maintaining medical records.

Supported Community Connections: Learning opportunities are provided in community settings that include volunteer work, physical fitness and wellness, socialization and educational activities.

Outreach Program: The Outreach Coordinator meets with families to help them identify services and benefits they might be eligible for, make necessary referrals, complete enrollment processes and develop a family support plan. This program provides respite, benefits coordination, and planning for the future at little or no cost to the family.

For more information about Outreach Services, contact Taylor Cobb at 719-572-7467


Group Respite Program:

The Group Respite program provides a variety of support to individuals 18 and older with IDD who are living alone or with family caregivers. This program meets every Saturday for a day of fun community activities with little or not cost to the individual and their family. This program is available to individuals who are on the Supported Living Services Waiver or private pay. For more information about Respite Group on Saturdays, contact Karen Scannell at

Respite Care:

Respite Care is available through SLS funding and private pay. Respite provides relief time for the regular caregiver to have a break. Respite may be provided by Cheyenne Village employees in the individual’s home or in community activities.

Family Caregiver:

Family Caregiver services allow a family member to become an employee of Cheyenne Village whereby the family member is paid to provide care to the family member with IDD via Comprehensive Residential or Supporting Living Services (SLS) funding.

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