Randy CaseCase Company International

    Mr. Case is a Colorado Springs, Colorado native and was educated in Colorado Springs through high school. Mr. Case has a Bachelor’s Degree with a double emphasis in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. He has a Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Denver, Denver, Colorado, and is a Colorado Licensed Attorney. Additionally, Mr. Case is a Colorado Licensed Real Estate Broker and Title Insurance Agent. Since 1979, Mr. Case has worked on family real estate projects. In the recent ten years, Mr. Case has had extensive experience in the day-to-day operations of the Company, including site acquisitions and contract drafting, contractor supervision, negotiations, site reviews, financing, analysis, zoning, public hearing appearances, development, marketing, and sales. Mr. Case has served in numerous capacities on boards, committees, and task-forces serving industry associations and the public. During his undergraduate and graduate education, Mr. Case continued to work in the family company. In addition to his responsibilities as Company President, Mr. Case is a licensed practicing attorney providing general counsel to the Company.

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